Self care over coffee

Self care over coffee

Self care looks different for everyone and there are pockets of time as a mum I allow myself the time to look after me. Like most mum’s I’m at the bottom of my list of things to care for. The 2 minute power shower, a little meditation (breathe in breath out your fine type meditation) the mental noting my to do lists the multitasking spending quality time with him when the babes are down and then some me time a few minutes before I fall into a deep sleep within 3.5 seconds of head to pillow.  



As a mum i’ve become quite the target market for many companies who encourage us all to seek wellness.  The new ‘it’ word I see come up time and time again.  Ingest this, apply that, purchase this, reap the rewards, live longer better faster in whatever you do and the list goes on. While it’s great to seek out those things that make us feel we are whole, well, belong, doing our part at warding off illness, utilising our potential and remaining up to date with the latest and greatest things on offer.  Wellness or self care really just requires me to;


Emotionally find ways to manage stress, be kind to myself in the body that I have, realising there is a season for everything and that my


‘Right now’ is ok, it is not my forever. 


When I repeat this to myself it seems to put the chaos of life with toddlers into perspective, it usually ends in welling up in tears. Motherhood one major rollercoaster of emotions, that I wouldn’t change for anything. 


Self care is about creating and sustaining meaningful relationships and establishing boundaries. Diversifying the social media content I follow ultimately means I have less shitty moments because IRL (in real life) it’s not as beautifully curated and


‘There in lies the beauty and the life lessons, not when the moments are perfect but when you self reflect create change and progress through some of the moments which rarely get captured for instagram’


Spending time with those I care for and who care for me both near and far (thank you face time) is important, it feels good to laugh to feel heard and to feel a bond or connected to others.



Finding time for spirituality has become a priority less to do with religion more to do with connecting to me. Sounds strange but its really simple.  The type of spirituality I’m meaning usually requires a little sitting alone learning to meditate and not allow thoughts to empower emotion which can affect me physically.  I started meditation to really curb or reign in the need to freak the (explicit word) out, gratitude also tends to keep freak outs at bay. 



helps you fall

in love 

with the life 

you already have” 

unknown author


Physical self care tends to come easy taking the time to regain my strength find different ways to exercise that I love helps it become more of a lifestyle choice that will stick.  Gone are the days I want to run jump and punish myself for an end goal so yoga, pilates conscious eating a balanced diet booking a facial or massage or creating my own spa treatments at home to use are ways I care for me.


Coffee body scrub

I’ve started giving my used coffee pods a second useful purpose along with a bit of coconut oil and an essential oil, you too can have yourself an inexpensive exfoliator. 

3 used coffee pods

3 tablesoons of coconut oil

2 drops of essential oil


So upon review, in the space of 3 years since Ryder’s birth (time has gone so quickly) I have become a yoga flowing meditating self reflective mama of 2 who has promised herself to,


“take care of me for them


It’s a little more complex and different for everyone, it requires different aspects of self care at different stages along the journey. I care for others and so I should prioritise  self care.


Always living, learning and evolving

…xo K.


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