”If you want to keep the memories, first you have to live them”

… Bob Dylan



Styling for our family shoot started with Ryder’s shorts, not a typical colour choice many would chose for a boy, which is exactly why it became the foundation to building the look for our family photos.




Alex had a shirt hanging never worn that picked up on the same mauve colour and so from this floral shirt came about the choice to use shades of blue the classic white and a dress in dusty pink for Skye.  Styling doesn’t have to be difficult most times you can take direction from what a print on a shirt is telling you to wear. the other colours in his shirt helped create the magic.



Don’t forget the bribes for busy toddlers



Be sure to have back ups the loss of a lollipop could snowball into the mother of all meltdowns.



See how the shirt compliments Skye’s dress?




My stripe dress was the last thing to find which I thankfully did the day before photos. It works well against Skye’s block coloured dress my shade of blue is in her shoes. Did you spot it before you read it?





I love to look back on photos and relive the exact moment like it was only yesterday, the tears flood the heart aches a little and I realise how fleeting time really is. These were taken over a year ago and while I love to organise photos yearly I had forgotten to even share.





Creating a family look where we match but aren’t necessarily matching is a style challenge I love.





Live the moments create the memories.





A love like no other



Living, learning and evolving

…xo K

Photography by Katy Webb



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