Fed is best

Fed is best

I thought I wanted to exclusively breastfeed when I had Ryder, the first month was so painful I screamed swore and cringed every time he would latch.  Thankfully whilst in hospital I had nursing support and was given so much advice on how to hold, feed, and what good latching was suppose to look and feel like.

No one ever spoke to me about their struggles in breastfeeding until I shared my own experiences.  

Breastfeeding with Ryder was so painful for the first 2 months and then it got better and then he fed more often and then it would be painful again.  I didn’t want to ‘quit’ so I persevered even to the detriment of my own sanity which would tell me add a formula bottle so I could rest.  That seemed to be a reoccurring theme in those first couple months there was a constant internal argument I had with myself about what was ‘right’ and how breastfeeding wasn’t suppose to be easy, what a load of shit I use to tell myself.  I started to express and add formula between boob feeds which gave my raw nipples a well deserved break I felt so much guilt from not giving him what I felt was the ‘best’ but I guess that guilt subsided as I found flexibility in adding other options to his feeding.  I also enjoyed watching others be able to feed Ryder those are precious moments I’m glad others got to experience with him.

The second time around words that come to mind when I think of the past 6 months and my experiences with breastfeeding Skye is;

calm, connected and most importantly fed!  

Maybe its ‘nipple pain memory’ not sure if it’s a ‘thing’ but this time around the cringe factor from pain and heart palpitations from working myself up to hating feeding sessions disappeared after my boobs regulated themselves once my milk came in.  It’s been a more pleasant experience the second time around, which just goes to show this mum how

each pregnancy,

each birth

and each feeding experience can be very different

between each of our babies.  The biggest thing I’ve taught myself when it comes to feeding is to have an open mind to ALL my feeding possibilities it makes for a much calmer mummy.


Things I’ve loved with with baby feeding


  • Breast pump I brought the Medela double breast pump, I love charging it and having it on the go, not having to sit next to a power supply and pumping both boobs at the same time makes it an awesome addition to feeding the babes and saves on time! just be mindfull during cluster feeding not to express also a lesson I learnt the hard way as a rule to remember what you take out gets put back in!
  • nipple balm to keep dry cracks away
  • a cute bralette as oppose to overpriced breastfeeding bras that are ugly
  • a great book to read during feeding or down time. I have the IBooks application on my phone. Reading happens much easier from my phone than possibly dropping a thick novel on babies head (its happened before) At the moment I’m reading;



pregnancy, postpartum hormones and breastfeeding has sucked the dewy hydrated life from my skin! It’s so important to drink lots and the only way I can down my extra water intake is by varying it with some great herbal teas and different infused waters when bored of plain water. My favorite infused water is a lemon strawberry and mint mix!


Once fatigue sets in ‘what’s for dinner?’ may as well be a question asked in a foreign language.  I have begun to embrace the frozen (organic) all ready washed and chopped vegetable section of my supermarket.  They are just as nutritious if prepared well taste just as great.  Good bye at least 40min dinner prep from start to finish, hello 10-15 minutes from start to finish and the added bonus of no food rotting in fridge due to lack of wanting to cook.

Don’t forget

Be patient and kind to yourself

internal dialogue, also known as talking to ones self can really change the outcome of your feeding experience so be nice!

I personally went into motherhood exclusively wanting to breastfeed felt guilty having added formula so soon with Ryder would feel awkward answering how long I wanted to breastfeed as I felt my 4-6 months didn’t measure up to some mums.  However I am a mum who has ended up breast feeding, expressing my milk and adding formula I have felt in control of our situation and it is



Always living, learning and evolving

…xo K.


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