Third trimester blues?!

Third trimester blues?!

It’s the strangest feeling being so excited and completely sad at the same time, I imagine for all mums who go from their world being just about 1 baby or child to 2  sends you on an emotional roller coaster.


The guilt I felt when thinking about needing to ‘share’ myself and how I’d cope was sometimes overwhelming.


I started to see an osteopath for ligament pain who’s first question past the name, address, & number information was; ‘are you anxious or stressed?’ I lied and said I was fine deep down I wasn’t really ok, it took a few more days of uncontrollable tears and a talk with Alex to remind me that I am in control of my emotions and that I needed to do a little self guided pep talking and meditating to calm and control those feelings of stress, cleaning and then re-cleaning the house also helped which I assume is all part of the nesting phase that happens in the 3rd trimester. It hasn’t been easy trying to come to terms with having 2 under 2 years of age.  Ryder is now 15 months and in my eyes my little baby still, but talking with others who have been or are in the same situation has helped me understand that it all works out and is worth it, just give it time and prepare for the first 2 years to be hectic! So if you have some advice I’d love to hear from you I am so excited to have my first cuddles with our little girl!


Living, learning and always evolving

…xo K.



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