Finding my base

Finding my base

For the past 2 months I’ve religiously used The Base By Lara Bingle cosmetic range and hand on heart can say it’s now my warmer weather, summer go to makeup of choice.  why you may ask?

My opinion 

I’ve tried so many BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturizers and have always struggled to find one that works for me. Luxury brands tend to cater more for those with fair skin tones and always have pink undertones in the formula.  I’ve found less expensive formulas have a tendency to split on my face which is probably due to my skin being oily.

Describe the range?

Natural looking



What they say

Who’s it for?

  • For the mum who has 5 minutes to get ready in the morning who needs multipurpose products that are easy and quick to apply.
  • For the mature woman who wants a little something but not a lot.
  • For the teen/tween (or is it even earlier these days) whose parents or school rules prefer no or minimal makeup.

How to use it? 

The best way I’ve found to use all of the products are with your fingertips making it a quick makeup routine for this mum in the morning or before I leave the house in the evening, stippling brushes for light application also work great.

What I love 

When you order online it can be hard to get the correct shade with The Base by Lara Bingle simply upload a selfie taken in natural lighting without any makeup on, tap on an area of your face that best represents your over all skin tone and the built in software will recommend the most suitable shade.  I was hoping I’d come up caramel, or tan suprised my skin tone was actually beige…that’s what happens when you have 2 winters and do everything possible to stay out of the sun while pregnant.

What I would buy again?

LB Cream; It has an SPF of 15, definitely makes you luminous and dewy and has a natural light to medium coverage.

Skin Illuminator Bronzer; Love this product I use it like contour it definitely gives you a sun glow no matter what the season.

Velvet Bronzing Makeup Base; It adds definition like contour can be used as a bronzer and I use it on my eyes it can add shade and warmth and is not orange.

Living, Learning and Evolving with my new cosmetic favs

…xo K.


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