Teething, DIY, hack and mum rants

Teething, DIY, hack and mum rants

If there was ever a time you wanted to steer a teen or mother who is on the fence about maybe having another baby away from doing so, I would strongly suggest visiting a mum with a teething baby.  I’m not sure why but every time I have brought up ‘so how did you cope with it’ some continual answers include;

  • wine
  • giving them to someone else for a bit
  • a look down or away followed by;
  • a deep breath or sigh and a
  • ‘I just did’ reply


Who knew your sweet baby could raise your blood pressure have you wanting to run away break out in tears, just give up AND want to hold them love them and take away their pain all in one go! My hat goes off to parents with teething babies. I became ‘that mum’ who started second guessing everything I did! Mentally tracing back my steps to see what I was doing wrong ticking of mental lists and then second guessing myself about what was on my list ahhh the what the hell do I do moments that tend to appear in the dead of the night when calling a friend, mum or on your husband/partner is at its least ideal. I am not that mum who wakes up to discover a new tooth is out and can happily go about the day with their baby (oh how I envy you) I’m the one who has a 16kilo baby attached to my hip who, bites, will cry, have a temperature, heat rash (on his cheeks) who is totally irritable but who somehow will still manage to smile through it all which melts my heart (as long as 100% of my attention remains on him) he has me at ransom!

Things I’ve discovered that have helped include;

  • Medicating for pain relief and temperatures not sure why but the high temps only arrive at night so dinner and meds are our cocktail of choice for Ryder when a fever due to teething happens.  I use a thermometer to monitor his temperature and found that after 3 days of it remaining high a trip to the emergency room while visiting my parents was necessary.  This is when I learnt ear infections like to also make an appearance when babies are teething.  We spent a few hours at the hospital where he was monitored, given new antibiotics and a much calmer mum went home feeling slightly better but also guilty how could I have missed his ear infection!  If only my 11 month old could of told me his ear was hurting!
  • Weleda teething powder contains chamomile which is amazing for it’s antiinflamatory and healing benefits.  It also has little to no taste which is great for us we tried the usual bonjella but the taste didn’t go down well with Ryder so finding an all natural tasteless product was even better.
  • Camilia teething drops are easy to come by if you live in France the active ingredients include Chamomilla 9C HPUS which relieves pain caused by teething, Phytolacca decandra 5C HPUS – which relieves painful gums and Rheum 5C HPUS – which relieves minor digestive disorders associated with teething
  • Amber beads: the idea they help is enough for me to try at this stage I’ll do everything to ease and soothe our baby.
  • Teething toys left in fridge sometimes have helped although he prefers;
  • Cold carrots at least there’s a slight taste


While visiting a friend I got her best little hack when teething decides to happen and your a little less prepared but have a access to a slice of bread some spread and a microwave, do this.

  1. cut edges off bread
  2. roll out the slice of bread thinly
  3. spread with marmite or something your child would love the taste of
  4. roll up the thin slice very tightly
  5. press the edging
  6. heat in microwave for 60 seconds
  7. 30 extra seconds if the bread is not completely hard

It’s a little tastier than the rusks you find in store and takes only a few minutes and is a quick fix to occupy and help cut their gums while your out or in my case about to catch a flight.


Dribble bibs have become like socks in our household we keep loosing them! leaving them everywhere and I’m a lover of a great fabric design so on a recent trip with my mum to a fabric store realizing you could buy pre-cut fabric that are sold in sets with like styles of fabrics in the quilting section I decided to give making dribble bibs a go at a fraction of the cost of what I pay for each one in store! You can go through so many in one day it pays to have many in stock and making them myself there’s a little less guilt when one gets lost.

  1. Trace the shape of an existing bib you like the style of
  2. Cut the fabrics
  3. Sew right sides together leaving a section big enough to turn the fabrics right sides out
  4.  Fold and align the the opening and sew closed
  5. sew an edging OR add bias binding to tidy the edges

Living, learning and evolving + growing a baby and raising 1

…xo K.


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