Finding balance

Finding balance

Finding balance is much easier said than done and I’m a total work in progress recently,

I decided to take a break from the thing that was continuously attached to me other than our son Ryder, my phone! whether it be checking the time, asking safari to answer questions that lingered on my mind, reading books saved in my iBook application, face timing family and friends scrolling through Facebook and Instagram both for leisure and blog inspo pinning loads of pictures to my Pinterest boards knowing I’ll never really go back and look at everything.  I decided to challenge myself to take a break from my phone for a day which turned into a few days, then a week went by and soon it had been just over a month.  I can honestly say I  enjoyed the fact that I was able to become more present in my everyday moments that use to pass me by without acknowledgement this change gave me new perspective and appreciation it also made me set boundaries on how long or when I go on my phone.  Before I’d open my eyes and reach for my phone  immediately, now it doesn’t get a look at until around Ryder’s morning nap.  It’s so nice not to be a so dependent on my phone.


Setting night time routines didn’t seem important to begin with we were winging it and doing well until Ryder started waking earlier and earlier and then not being able to resettle back to sleep.  I thought I was putting him down too early for bed so slowly it was later and later until I realised whether late or early the problem was him not being able to self soothe through the several stages of sleep we all cycle through each night.  So back to 7pm bed time and within a week we were back to 7pm-7am sleep cycle.  This mum reclaimed her evenings to indulge in reality trash tv, a doco or 2 or half a movie with Alex.  Since then daytime naps and feeding have became more predictable.  The book that helped me understand more about bed time was  SAVE OUR SLEEP by Tizzie Hall I’d recommend this to all new mummy friends I had no clue until I gained some knowledge on the subject.


Our very first dinner date without Ryder, was memorable to say the least while that day I felt excited that night was completely different.  I’ve never wanted to be served so promptly looked through the chefs window more often had absolutely no conversation game, eaten like I was in a race and drank Moroccan tea quicker than you can say Moroccan tea! we asked for the bill and were in the car and home within an hour and a half! It’s so easy to forget to give your relationship attention when your new to parenting, what I use to take for granted is now such a treat that I try to make an effort give better conversation and enjoy dinner or lunch dates much more.

Body image

I really did love the changes my body went through when I was pregnant with Ryder near the end it was so hard to breathe at night but I loved how my body looked.

Then it was like I completely forgot what my body just did for me and I was so tough on myself I put pressure on myself to get back in shape.  I wasn’t getting enough sleep at night, I was breastfeeding so ‘attempting’ to run around in group cardio classes with what felt like a litre of milk on each side of my sports bra wasn’t fun!  I was barely eating enough to give me the energy to actually complete the class and on top of that thought it would be a great idea to double up on classes that soon wore off I f***en hated it.  I un-followed a lot of ‘fit mums’ on Instagram that were not personal friends, the constant reminders of where I wanted to be and wasn’t became too much.  Pictures below starting clockwise are 12 weeks pregnant, 37 weeks pregnant and 12 weeks post pregnancy.

I decided this mum was going to do it slowly but surely once she got sleep, had her appetite back and found a fun way to stay active.  I swam my entire pregnancy and knew I’d love it post pregnancy, I mean who wouldn’t want a full body work out with little to no stress on the knees and lower back it’s my kind of fun exercise not as easy to take selfies of but I’d totally recommend swimming as a form of exercise.

It’s been so long since my last post and I have been trying to find balance, I’m loving watching Ryder’s progress and development and have finally started to feel better!  Why would I be feeling better one might ask? well we are expecting to add another little human to our family.  Which we are excited about..that’s another story for another day …to be continued, and back to regular posting

I’m living, learning, evolving AND NOW EXPECTING BABY NUMBER 2!

…xo K.


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  1. Thelma
    May 4, 2017 / 9:35 pm

    Omg sis CONGRATULATIONS to you guys God is So Good!! So excited for your beautiful family yay see you guys soon Love to you all xo

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