It’s a strange mix of feelings being told it’s now time to consider IVF.  While a part of me was excited and relieved to be making it through the stages of fertility another part of me thought of how I had only ever heard of IVF being referred to as science interfering with nature or science trying to play the role of God, and hearing IVF babies being referred to as test tube babies.  While all thoughts are valid the more time I spent dealing with fertility I began to understand the advances in science meant we could have a family and it helped me break some of the misconceptions I had.

Did you know?

  • A woman who is 30 years old with no medical issues (partner/husband/fling included) has a 1 in 5 or 20% chance of becoming pregnant each month.
  • IVF with all the right conditions and and an A grade blastocyst embryo implanted only has a 30% chance of carrying on to become a successful pregnancy or a 40% chance of pregnancy with a double embryo transfer.

When I reminded myself of theses statistics it helped me remember that even with IVF the odds of a successful pregnancy was still quite low but chances were slightly better, It helped me understand the everyday miracle pregnancy truly is.

When we started fertility treatment we had never had a positive pregnancy test, never suffered a miscarriage and at the point of IVF had been through 6 induced cycles trying naturally and 3 cycles of Intra uterine insemination (IUI) which I go into detail on my post My road to pregnancy.

IVF Process

  • Daily injections to stimulate multiple egg growth taken at the same time every day.  as time went on I felt heavy in my lower abdomen and near the end of the 2 weeks was uncomfortable when trying to sit up for long periods of time.
  • Doctors visits happened every other day to monitor egg development via internal ultrasounds and blood tests to monitor hormone levels.  During this time dossages were slightly adjusted.
  • Injection to stimulate egg maturation and starts the process of ovulation.  This had to happen at a certain time according to my surgical appointment.
  • Egg retrieval expect to feel in pain once out of the 20-30 minute operation.  I look bloated in the tummy and was hungry after the operation once home I was tired from the medication.  So be prepared to go home and sleep the rest of the day.  I would recommend wearing comfortable lose clothes nothing tight around the abdomen, use ice and pain relief prescribed for abdomen.
  • Embryo transfer can happen day 3 or 5 after the retrieval of eggs or a frozen embryo may be used either way your advised to drink at lots of water before the ultrasound so the doctor can clearly see the transfer of the embryo.  This experience amazed me knowing the white blob on the screen could possibly be our baby being implanted made me thankful for the advances in medicine.
  • WAITING is both exciting and scary its important not to let it consume you best thing is to continue life as normal until…
  • Blood test to determine pregnancy.

Did you know?

There is a heart beat at 18 days of pregnancy 13 days after a 5 day blastocyst embryo transfer, 8 days after positive blood test result.  On our third attempt we were successful and for 25 days we kept it a secret and only told our families on Christmas day 5 days after we had heard his little heart beat.

Best advice;

Staying patient and trusting in the process helped, I wrote about 4 Life lessons I learnt through fertility

Find a passion I began to draw, paint, sew and reupholster furniture which I loved, and still love it gave me a mental outlet that took concentration for a few hours out of the day or the week where I could forget about my fertility schedule.  It now borderlines on slight obsession I love a good home decor DIY and have a ‘few’ half finished sewing and drawing projects in the home, we travelled, I exercised I kept living it’s so important to do so.

Talk I can not stress how important it is to communicate.  At the time I found it difficult to find anyone to relate to.  The most important conversations happened with Alex, having that person you can completely confide in and a select group of friends to have deeper conversations with is so important.

Cry I am not ashamed to say I love a good cry! I always tell people of how I only have one reaction to events that are happy sad or make me mad, it’s cry!  to feel empty of tears is a good thing your emotions come and go like waves coming to shore during this time and I found it’s better out than in, suppressing is not a great idea otherwise you find yourself forever on the brink of tears.  Crying can be cathartic, just have migraine meds and maybe a little ice handy for puffy eyes after.

While it’s true science aided or gave further information on how my body works, at the end of the day nature still took its course and by the grace of God we received our blessing from the mixture of all these great things working together, it gave us Ryder Alexandre Tulou, my little slice of heaven.

…xo K.

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