Top 5 gift ideas for new mums

Top 5 gift ideas for new mums

This post is dedicated to the expectant mums of 2017, congratulations below are 5 of my favourite things I love and that I would repurchase for friends expecting babies in 2017.

I’ve noticed a huge makers movement in recent years and I’m the first to admit I am a sucker for quality handmade goods that are not only functional but offer something a little different to the normal things I would find in a one stop baby shop so no surprises 4 of my 5 are handmade!

Bean Sprout

when I decided against a traditional all inclusive baby bag, purely because I could not find the right khaki green I was wanting, I was then in search of nappy wallets!!! I came across Bean Sprout via instagram and fell in love with the nappy wallets, they are amazing not only do they come in great designs they can hold baby wipes, 2-4 treasures, some hand sanitiser, disposable nappy bags and I’ve been known to slip an extra onesie inside on occasion in case of mishaps while out.  Bean sprout offers a flat rate of $20NZD to ship internationally which helped make the decision to buy and get them posted to me in France an easy decision and while at it I added a few of the dribble bibs and love them!


I love a statement piece that is also functional and super easy to use the Chekoh baby carriers ticked all 3 boxes for me and offer great style for the modern mum.  I love the designs, the packaging and most importantly the baby wrap!  They are lightweight made from a natural Bamboo/Spandex blend, use a seaweed based dye that does not transfer onto your or your babes clothes and are machine washable.  I’ve been using my wraps since Ryder was out of hospital at the time he weighed 4.2kg and I loved having him so close to me while out and about he is now 5 months and weighs just over 10kg and I still love using them.

Tiny Baby Soles

Ryder has a sneaker collection better than mine from the most common sport brands out on the market HOWEVER the reality is soft sole shoes are the best for little feet that are trying or learning to stand and walk.  I was happy to find Tinybabysoles a little company based out of New York who offer tiny soles like his great first shoes the designs are amazing made of leather and organic cotton and again my only word is LOVE!


Wanting a plush bekaboo activity play mat made with fabric picked by you? Bekaboo has an amazing range of fabric to chose from and if you can’t decide on 1 fabric your able to pick 2 and have it be reversible! I love my…I mean Ryder’s custom made play mat it is 1m x 1m has removable arches with loops to attach hanging toys, a tummy time pillow and a drawstring storage bag which makes it perfect to take on our travels…believe me I’m getting my cost per use out of this play mat as its so easy to pack and travel with it goes on coffee dates to friends homes has been to Barcelona, San Sebastian and back and forth between our home in Montpellier and our house in Castres.

Prince Lionheart

Saving the best and I guess most practical for last, the Prince Lionheart bébéPod is amazing once your baby knows how to control his little bobbing head.  I love this because it comes with EVERYTHING its a great first chair super soft and can easily and safely adjust to any dinning chair you all ready have in your home. It comes with a detachable tray, an insertable toy to amuse their little hands and 2 place mats for when it is time for feeding.  Once their little big thighs outgrow fitting under the tray, a protector for where the tray usually sits allows you to continue using it until their buttocks outgrow the chair.  Like the play mat it goes everywhere we travel! Not sure if it’s a strategic move by restaurant owners or not, but here in France there is a shortage of highchairs in restaurants.  No joke I’ve been out with a girlfriend who dismantled her ikea highchair from home and took it with her to the fancy no highchair restaurants. Super glad to have found a great alternative to the usual Bumbo floor chair, happy that it has everything included in the 1 price and slightly relieved it more than likely receives less stares from fellow french restaurant goers. Love it!

So to all my fellow new mums in 2017 all the very best with baby product review reading as you prepare for your little ones and happy shopping! I hope this helps

…xo K.



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