How to take great family photos

How to take great family photos

I always remember as a child my mum organizing family photo sessions for our family and looking back I’m so glad we still have those memories to cherish.  Along the way I’ve learnt a few things to do and what not to do to ensure you get the best from your family photo session.  Since having Ryder our little slice of heaven just over 3 months ago I’ve been itching to have a family photo session and I’m so happy with how they turned out. Our family photos were taken by my friend and very talented photographer Mariza Ebersohn blogger from Life in the south.  I mean who doesn’t like a little dress up every now and then, and as we head into the festive season of the year where family gather why not take an opportunity to capture those moments with your family too.

The location plays an important role in how you style your family members in your family photos.

Talking with Mariza it was decided that an outdoor before sunset scene in autumn would offer softer natural lighting that would ensure great photos, Mariza had a location in mind and we exchanged messages.  I received photos of poses she would like for us to achieve on the shoot and got really excited, when I explained to Alex where we would be having photos he was skeptical at first I think his exact words were “that place is ugly” while that maybe the case if we were looking for a home to buy I tried to remind him it was less about the actual building and more about;

a great lime stone wall, an aged step, detailed railing, an overgrown vine with leaves in autumn tones I mean never underestimate finding beauty everywhere.


Dressing the 3 of us was made easy when we decided to use denim as our foundation piece this is a staple in most family wardrobes and so didn’t require any extra special shopping for photos.  Choosing to wear denim in the same dark wash then added a

visual to the idea of us ‘belonging’ together, as this was the family look I was trying to achieve.

Deciding to use no more than 3 ‘base’ colors and wearing them slightly different to each other helped us steer clear of the cliche matching look that can happen, the outfit choices were built on the idea of Ryder’s hat complimenting Alex’s shoe choice an extra layer of warmth for Ryder that matched the color of Alex’s suspenders and my choice in dress that gave a nod to an autumn setting in varying brown and orange tones pulled the 3 separate outfits into one cohesive family photo look.



I shared my ideas on outfit choices with Mariza and got her opinion on last looks and sure enough she agreed it was a good choice for an autumn themed photo shoot.

While I had an idea of what I wanted our family photos to look like the best thing is to always check with the photographer

and get a second opinion on outfits.  I mean if your going to pay for professional photos you want to be sure your happy with the end results, so the more you speak with those involved the more your vision will align with that of the photographers.

As a final rule to keep in mind I always find the most natural photos happen when I think less about having photos taken by someone holding a camera and try to have conversation instead with those in the photos with me.

A silly joke or spending time talking about some of the crazy but good memories (no one wants to frown) that have happened in life helps you relax and most importantly look more photogenic.  

An even better idea is to bring the photographer into your conversations that way you get photos looking at the family members in the photos with you and some really great shots looking directly into the lens of the photographer.

I think since receiving our photos autumn has become my new favorite season now tied to a very special memory of the time we had our first family photos.











All of our family photos were taken and edited by Mariza Ebersohn you can find out more about her and her blog at  Visit The Evolution Road Facebook page to see our first family photos album where I’ve uploaded more of my favorite photos and follow our Instagram page.

…xo K.


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