The Evolution Road is for women like me who live learn and evolve. In many ways it came from the countless discussions I’ve had and continue to have with other women, there is so much common ground and so many opportunities to get inspired by each other, so why not share that journey?

The Evolution Road came as an idea in 2013 when I began fertility treatment.  I started searching for answers found comfort in other women’s stories and knew once brave enough I would want to be able to share offer support and inspire others in life too.  You can read all about My road to pregnancy and how in 2016 I became a new mum to Ryder Alexandre a successful IVF baby.  The struggle was not just my own and I’m so grateful that my husband shared his thoughts on Dealing with Infertility.

I have been living in France since 2010 with my husband Alex Tulou who plays rugby, and now refer to France as our home away from home.  It can be challenging at times, however friends become family, the language gets easier as you integrate into society, and passing time becomes fun as you discover other interests.

I love to travel something I’ve enjoyed doing since moving to France in 2010, have a slight obsession with DIY projects, enjoy fitness and an active lifestyle, trying beauty products, and discovering my style. I am a new mum trying to find my new balance in life, I am living, learning and evolving into the person I want to be and am enjoying the discovery of me.

This blog is dedicated to women like me who enjoy travel, enjoy making a house a home, can’t resist trying beauty products and understand style is different to fashion.  Check back here regularly for advice posts related to my life, travel guide inspiration, beauty finds, home DIY projects, and more.


So without further or due live, learn, evolve with me at The Evolution Road

…xo K.


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